LOGO Saptrang 2018

Saptrang’18 is a multifaceted, grand celebration of art, creativity and skills. We aim to curate an event that will not just invigorate you, but keep you reminiscing about the spectacular display of talent you’ll witness and all the fun you’ll have. Apart from the extensive events and activities, we also pay intricate importance to hospitality and well-being of all our guests.


i. Registration: Participants can opt for online registration or on-spot registration within NIT Delhi campus.

ii. Group registrations: Participants must register every member taking part in a certain event.

iii. Accomodation: Participating groups and individuals requiring accommodation within campus over the night/duration of fest shall be provided the aforementioned upon prior notice of such requirement. Click here for accomodation.

iv. Transport Facilities: Transport facility from Jahangirpuri Metro Station to College Campus shall duly be provided.

iv. Campus Ambassadors: Any further queries regarding any of the topics listed above can duly be made to any of the organizing team members of Saptrang’18.


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